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Somos la empresa de Nethunting de referencia en España - Crearte Consulting

Welcome to Nethunting blog for candidates and companies

Crearte Consulting is Nethunting. It is the ideal place to find your perfect candidate or to look for a job that will change your life. We are Nethunters, meaning we
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Crearte Consulting, especialista en Nethunting, te cuenta lo qué es

What is Nethunting and how do we put it into practice?

Perhaps the word Nethunting is unfamiliar to you if you are not familiar with the world of recruitment and human resources. In today’s world, where you can not only work
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Do you have an IT company? Find out how to benefit from Nethunting

HR departments have historically turned to the figure of the Headhunter to find profiles that are difficult to find. This figure has changed in recent years and is now known
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bienvenido a la digitalización de los procesos de selección

Digitisation of recruitment processes is the way forward

When we talk about digitalisation in companies, we do so in all areas, covering the different departments of the company. This includes human resources, which clearly and directly affects recruitment.
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candidato ideal para tu empresa constructora

Candidates for your construction company: in 7 days you can find what you need

The selection processes, thanks to technology, are no longer based on offering a position from the company and waiting to receive resumes, but the company itself can also dive into
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candidato perfecto en siete días

Give us seven days: and we give you the perfect candidate!

One of the issues inherent to the development of a company is the need to hire employees. As experts in Nethunting, at Crearte we understand that employees are one of
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¿Qué nos hace diferentes? Confianza, respeto y compromiso

What makes us different? Trust, respect and commitment

Crearte Consulting is a different company. We are specialized in Nethunting, that is to say, in the search through the Internet for the ideal candidates for the positions you need
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How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to be selected by Nethunters?

LinkedIn is one of the tools that we use as Nethunters in Crearte Consulting. Our job is to find talent through the digital world. We take care of being the
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cómo conseguimos cubrir el 95% del mercado con potenciales candidatos

We tell you how we manage to cover 95% of the market with potential candidates

In Crearte Consulting we are Nethunters, that is, experts in searching and selecting potential candidates through our powerful ATS, social networks, professional networks and job portals, both nationally and internationally.
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Fuentes de reclutamiento de candidatos

Sources of candidate recruitment

As a professional team expert in Nethunting, in Crearte Consulting we have a wide range of candidate recruitment sources. The search for the best professionals to fill our clients’ vacancies
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How to prepare for a video interview

As experts in Nethunting, at Crearte Consulting we take advantage of the best of all digital tools. Video interviews are an ideal way to have a first-person approach with job
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Herramientas digitales para la selección de personal

Digital tools for personnel selection

Nethunting is positioned as the ideal help to find the perfect candidate. From Crearte, we explain how this, hand in hand with digital tools for recruitment, can help you identify
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